Providing political, economic and intellectual support of our political representatives through networking and awareness!

Greater Oakland Republican Club


“As a member of Congress and during my tenure as Michigan Senate Majority Leader, I’ve worked with political clubs and organizations across the country. I can say without reservation, Michigan’s own GOGOP, is one of the very best with which I’ve had the honor to work. When the community needs education on an issue or event, or if immediate action is needed, no other organization will react more competently and effectively than GOGOP and its members.”

Michael Bishop

U.S. Representative, Michigan's 8th Congressional District

“The Greater Oakland Republicans provide exciting, meaningful experiences for members of all ages. GOGOP’s top-notch leadership provided me the opportunity to step up and make positive change within my community.”

Paul Stephens

Youth Vice Chairman, Michigan Republican Party

“I have been a member of GOGOP for the last 6 years. I have observed that it is the most well attended group in the county, for good reason. The quality of the people working behind the scenes is second to none. The speakers who have presented share their expertise to provide the group with the latest information to assist candidates for a political run for office. They build the foundation and framework necessary to organize an effective cornerstone to promote the Republican ideology. I am proud to be a member of GOGOP.”  

Mike Goetz

Grievance Administrator , Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission

“GOGOP is a leading organization for our grassroots movement in Oakland County. They are the one percent of the one percent who go door-to-door, make calls, stuff envelopes, organize events, and educate voters on the issues that matter most. They give of themselves to build this high-quality grassroots machine. I credit the people of GOGOP for working so hard for candidates in Oakland County, such as myself. They have made a lasting impact in election after election, in their community, and in our county.”

Ruth Johnson

14th District State Senator and former Secretary of State, State of Michigan

“GOGOP is instrumental on educating the members and public at large on important topics that effect all residents, such as, road funding. These educated speakers are hands on professionals who are challenged with the task of improving our state and communities everyday. Speakers include the Road Commission, State Legislators, Oakland County Executive Board Members, and Professors. These speakers share a conservative, working knowledge that benefits all citizens.”

Donni Steele

Treasurer, Orion Township

“I am a longtime supporter of GOGOP and its mission. This important group advances causes that strengthen and inform our communities while making government – local, state and federal – more relevant to the people it serves.”

Mike McCready

Acting Director, Department of Economic Development & Community Affairs, Oakland County

“I have enjoyed working with the Greater Oakland Republicans over my time in the Michigan Legislature. As an informed, grassroots driven organization, they strive to provide timely topical discussions and great networking events. They also remain engaged during the all important election season when majority is won or lost. This club gets things done!”

Michael Webber, State Representative, Greater Rochester Area (2015-2020)

Michael Webber

State Representative, District 45 (2015-2020)