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GOGOP seeks to provide political, economic, and intellectual support of our political representatives through networking, awareness, outreach and fundraising.

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Greater Oakland Republican Club P.O. Box 583 Lake Orion, MI 48361

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The Greater Oakland Republican Club provides political, economic and intellectual support of our political representatives through networking and awareness.

Regular Meetings

Our Club usually meets on the second Wednesday of each month at a location in or near Lake Orion. The meetings run from 7 to 9 p.m. Local experts and State elected officials are often scheduled to discuss important issues of the day.

Leadership Meetings

Leadership Meetings are normally the first Wednesday of each month. All members in good standing are invited to attend our Leadership Meetings. This is where we address routine Club business that does not get discussed at our general monthly community meetings. 


The Club has one large fundraising event called Oktoberfest. It’s a well-attended, fun-filled evening with food, music, dancing and of course, beer! The particulars on all these events, including the speakers for the general meetings are published in the Monthly Newsletter sent to all members.


A one year membership to the Greater Oakland Republican Club is $20 (cash or check, $25 online) Join us at meetings, special events and support our activities that advance the Republican cause.