The candidates below are those in the GOGOP area that the club has either endorsed, supported, or united with to help keep MI in the Red Zone. Please join us in supporting the following candidates.

Governor/Lt. Governor/AG/SOS
Office Name Website Email
Governor Tudor Dixon through website
Lt. Governor Shane Hernandez through facebook
Attorney General Mathew DePerno t[email protected]
Secretary of State Kristina Karamo [email protected]


US Congress House of Representatives
District Name Website Email
7 Tom Barrett [email protected]
9 Lisa McLain [email protected]
10 John James [email protected]
11 Mark Ambrose [email protected]
12 Steven Elliott [email protected]


Michigan Senate
District Name Website Email
5 Emilly Bauman [email protected]
6 Ken Crider [email protected]
7 Corrine Khederian   [email protected]
8 Brandon Simpson    
9 Michael Weber  
13 Jason Rhines [email protected]
22 Lana Theis [email protected]
23 Jim Runestad [email protected]
24 Ruth Johnson [email protected]


Michigan House of Representatives
District Name Website Email
5 Paul Taros [email protected]
6 Charles Villerot  
8 Robert Noble [email protected]
18 Wendy Webster Jackson  
19 Anthony Paesano [email protected]
20 Albert Mansour [email protected]
21 David Staudt [email protected]
23 Richard Sharland    
49 Ann Bollin [email protected]
51 Matt Maddock [email protected]
52 Mike Harris [email protected]
53 Anthony Bartolotta    
54 Donni Steele [email protected]
55 Mark Tisdel [email protected]
56 Mark Gunn [email protected]
57 Thomas Kuhn [email protected]
66 Josh Schriver [email protected]
68 David Martin [email protected]
72 Mike Mueller  
73 Norm Shinkle [email protected]


State of Michigan School board
  Name Website Email
  Dr. Linda Lee Tarver Through website
  Tamara D. Carlone Through Website



University of Michigan Regents
  Name Website Email
  Lena Epstein Through website
  Sevag Vartanian Through Website


Michigan State Trustees
  Name Website Email
  Mike Balow Through website
  Travis Menge Through Website


Wayne State Board of Governors
  Name Website Email
  Christa Murphy    
  Craig Wilsher Through Website




Non-Partisan and Conservative School Board Candidates
6th Circuit Court of Appeals
Name Website Email
Michael Warren [email protected]
Oakland Community College Trustee
Name Website Email
Jeffrey Simek [email protected]
Birmingham School Board
Name Website Email      
Colleen Zammit [email protected]      
Avondale School District          
Name Website Email      
Charles W. Tischer   [email protected]      
Bloomfield Hills School District          
Name Website Email      
Lauren Wilson   [email protected]      
Name Website Email      
Christy Giampetroni   [email protected]
Amanda Love   [email protected]
Kathy Paul   [email protected]
Name Website Email
Lisa Oaks   [email protected]
Lake Orion    
Name Website Email
Heather Sinawi   [email protected]
Aime Gamache  
Name Website Email
Amanda McDonough    
James Sommers    
Michael Whitney    
Name Website Email
Carol Beth Litkouhi   [email protected]
Dennis Talluto   [email protected]
Andrew Weaver   [email protected]
Name Website Email
Tyler Soncrainte   [email protected]